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Be the Light.

Light Up the World.

Become Your Own Medicine.


"We are a cohesive collective, inspired in creating an environment of growth and transformation of personal limitations into life possibilities and planting seeds of a New Earth based on Unity and Love."


Lightworkers Universe

is a Global Online Community that promotes 

- an authentic safe space of togetherness and sharing

- interactive live events and coaching

- and a living library of tools, concepts, and practices

to support YOU in becoming your own Medicine!

Together, let's dream a New World into Being!

What is a "LIGHTWORKER"?


"Source," our Creator the Divine Mother, IS Light!

If you are seeking to anchor the presence of Source in the world, YOU are a Lightworker!

"Lightworker" is a term used by people who identify with wanting to bring a higher level of consciousness, light, and love to the world. We are people who have a tendency toward wanting to create a lighter and brighter planet for all.

Lightworkers are often Empaths and can be very sensitive. We often feel like the “black-sheep” of our families.

Lightworkers think of themselves as being here to help raise the vibration of the planet, be a part of the light, and become a lighthouse for others to help REMEMBER WHO WE ARE as High Vibrational Spiritual Beings, One with All, and One with Source.

Gift Yourself or Someone You Love with Bird's Heal Your Heart Self Study Course


Lightworkers Universe Launch Special $297

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Lightworkers Universe Membership


This is a Universe created to support Fellow Lightworkers in your own sacred journey in Remembering Who You Are as an Infinite Light Being. This Cosmic Space shares a powerful ever-expanding library of content, LIVE events & workshops, innovative courses and a cosmic community to inspire and encourage spiritual growth.

We have created a Sacred Space so we can Support Each Other, Tap into Joy, Learn, Heal & Grow Together, and Build a Foundation for the New Earth. This Space is where Miracles are created! Join us in Dreaming a New World Into Being!

Lightworkers Universe Membership Includes a Living Library of Content that Expands Each Month (categories include Meditations, Breathwork, Relationships/Partnerships, Self-Actualization, Mudras, Mantras, Inspiration, 5D & the New Earth, Reiki, "The Self" and Spirituality, & Much MORE!), Monthly LIVE Events, Workshops & Coaching (Including Divine Masculine Men’s Circles, Divine Feminine Women’s Circles, Group Coaching on Relationships or Personal Concerns, Womb Healing, Shakti Naam Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation, Dance Meditation, Modern Medicine Women Workshops and MORE!), Member Discounts to Lightworkers Universe Courses & Personal Service Offerings from the Light Guides and a Loving Community of Support.


Our Free Meditation for Your Day

Led by Bird Mejia

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Heal Your Heart Meditation with Bird Mejia


Our Lightworkers Curriculum

Explore your Being, Transform your Life, and Become a Guide for yourself, as well as others. Heal Yourself. Ground Yourself. Build Yourself. Become a Beacon of Light and a Light Leader on the planet through these empowering courses. Lightworkers Universe Members receive discounts on courses and much more!

P.L.A.Y. P.leasure L.ove A.bundance Y.ou 1st


Learn More

The Lightworkers Guide to 5D & the New Earth

Learn More

Awaken Your Soul

Learn More

Heal Your Heart

Self Study Course

Learn More

Reclaiming The Womb

Learn More

The Way of the Modern Medicine Woman

Learn More

Sedona Retreat

Join Us for Our September Sedona Retreat!


Have a Question We Can Answer? Here are some common ones.

How much is the Lightworkers Universe Membership and how long is the commitment?

There are 2 Lightworkers Universe Membership options available when joining the Universe at this time. Currently, in Celebration of our Launch on 11/21/21, we are offering the monthly Membership price at $33/month and 2 Months FREE at $330/year until November 27th, 2021. The regular monthly membership is offered at $43.99 per month and an annual membership is offered at $499.99 per year, which includes a 5% discount. You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time.

What is your cancellation and re-fund policy?

All sales are final. There are no refunds but you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time.

What is currently included in The Lightworkers Universe Membership?


  • Cosmic Library of Content that Expands Each Month (categories include Meditations, Breathwork, Mudras, Mantras, Inspiration, Spiritual Fitness, 5D & the New Earth, Reiki & MORE!)

    ·       Monthly LIVE Coaching with Tyrone

    ·       Monthly LIVE Sacred Relationship (Twin Flame, Soul Mates & Everything In Between) Talk/Coaching with Bird

    ·       Monthly LIVE Womb Healing with Lymariz

    ·       Monthly LIVE Meditation & Breathwork with Lymariz

    ·       Monthly LIVE Group Meditation for the New World with Krishawn Divine

    ·       Monthly LIVE Modern Medicine Woman Workshop with Gabby & Bird

    ·       Monthly LIVE Divine Masculine RISING! Men’s Circle with Tyrone

    ·       Monthly LIVE Divine Feminine RISING! Women’s Circle

    ·       Monthly LIVE Guided Dance Meditation with Krishawn & Bird

    ·       Shakti Naam Yoga & Sound Meditation with Bird

    ·       Talks with Tyrone

    ·       Access to Virtual Wild Woman Reconnecting to Authentic Self Workshop

    • Special Twin Flame Workshop from Bird's Signature Heal Your Heart Course
    • Special Energy Vampire Workshop from Bird's Signature Heal Your Heart Course

    ·       Access to the Lightworkers Universe Online Community for fellowship & support with other Lightworkers!

    ·       Discounts on Lightworkers Universe Courses!

    ·       Discounts on Lightworkers Universe Instructor Personal Services

Can I take the courses without becoming a Member?

Yes! You can purchase the Courses without becoming a Member. However, members DO RECEIVE a nice discount on all courses (plus a discount on teacher/healer personal services). We hope you become a Lightworkers Universe Member and Join in creating this Universe with us!

I have a more personal question; how may I get in touch?

 We would love to hear from you, email us at [email protected]

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