The Way of the

Modern Medicine



Learn Core Shamanic Teachings 

Tap into a Wealth of Transformative Practices to Support You in Connecting to Your Unique Gifts, Sacred Wildness & Divine Purpose






3 Month Journey Begins March 2, 2022!



Where you Let Go of your old stories and painful repeating patterns like a snake sheds its skin - all at once - and Learn to Walk The Beauty Way 


Where you bravely face your shadow and die to old limiting beliefs and the parts of yourself that keep holding you back and just do not serve you anymore


Where you Learn How to Drink from the Nectar of Life, Retrieve the Lost Parts of Yourself that retreated because of trauma, and Walk Your Own Unique Hero’s Journey


Where you are Fully in Your Power and Finally Able to Dream a New World into Being for Yourself and the World!

The Medicine Wheel

The Who

This is for you if:
👌🏾 You desire to learn the magic of shamanic practices to assist you and others
👌🏾 You are intrigued about learning the different shamanic tools used by  women around the world for centuries 
👌🏾 You are ready to embrace your intuition and intuitive gifts
👌🏾You find yourself struggling with setting energetic boundaries and falling into codependent relationships
👌🏾 You are looking to break ancestral cycles evident in the feminine lineage of your family
👌🏾 You are drawn to learning and understanding how women are affected and deeply connected to nature 
👌🏾 You struggle with allowing yourself to experience joy, pleasure, play, and connection
👌🏾 You are ready to break free from a past of trauma, abuse, and heartbreak
👌🏾 You desire to embody your divine feminine power, sexuality and magnetism 
👌🏾You want to tap into your creativity and use it to manifest the life you deserve
👌🏾 You are ready to trust in the Universe and receive its abundant blessings of joy, money, and love
👌🏾You wish to FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!
👌🏾 You want to be part of DREAMing a NEW WORLD INTO BEING for Yourself AND the World! 
Let's Get Started!

The What

This journey will give you:
✅ Weekly LIVE MASTER TRAINING CLASSES WITH BIRD & GABBY (1.5 hours – they will be recorded & you will have lifetime access). 
✅ Shamanic rituals and ceremonies to tap into your magic and abundance
✅ Weekly Course Content/Lessons to assist you with your beautiful journey of discovery
✅ Weekly Deepening Exercises to help integrate your learning
✅ A comprehensive, in-depth study of feminine archetypes to elevate your current consciousness and future evolution (i.e. the maid, the mother, the crone, etc.)
✅ An introductory divination practice to strengthen your relationship with your intuition/Higher Self
✅ An improved understanding of your divine feminine magnetism, and why it is important to make conscious choices within your sexual expression and interactions
✅ Sacred indigenous understanding of relationships and community
✅ Shamanic support in addressing your core wounds that block you from experiencing a purpose-filled life
✅ Tools to heal your heart from grief, heartbreak, and trauma experienced by you directly and that which was ancestrally inherited 
✅ SHAMANIC JOURNEYS to Meet Your ANCESTORS, Discover the Family Secret and Retrieve Your SPIRIT ANIMAL 
✅ Indigenous womb healing rituals and practices to fortify both your energetic and physical wombs 
✅ Receive the Gift of RITE OF THE HEART 
✅ Learn how to navigate The Medicine Wheel for your own healing & to share with others
✅ Actionable opportunities to dive deeply into your creativity and utilize it to transform the state of your life
✅ CONNECT with Your ANCESTORS for healing & guidance 
✅ An initiatory knowledge of plant medicine and how you can easily incorporate more healing herbs/foods for your consumptionu 
✅ Guidance on FOLLowing YOUR BLISS and Walking Your Own Unique Epic Journey 
✅Shamanic journeys to help you uncover the deeply buried wounds that may be affecting you in the present
✅Energy medicine practices to help you reset your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to claim your energy and your power back at any tim
✅An unshakeable and spiritually diverse foundation of self-care practices to carry with you to your ascension and beyond 
✅ Optional Bird’s Shamanic SEDONA RETREAT 
From Claudia:

"Working with Bird was an unforgettable and life-changing experience. When I first began my healing and mentoring journey with Bird, I was deeply stuck in my patterns, grief, heartbreak and traumas. Bird supported me and taught me tools that have allowed me to find my joy and my peace. I am completely transformed for the better. I am forever grateful. I am SOUL glad I listened to Spirt and committed to doing this work!"


From Jaimee:

From day one I felt loved, nurtured, heard and seen by Bird. Her healing powers go far past her words and energy. She challenged me mentally, emotionally and spiritually to break old patterns and embrace joy and love. Her energy and wisdom is a reflection of the work she has done herself. She will give you techniques and tools to use throughout your life. Her ability to share her experiences in a healing way saved my life. If you want joy, love, health, and happiness in your life, Bird is for you.



 Bird Mejia Bio:

Intuitive Healer, Heart Shaman, Oracle, Poet, Shakti Naam Yogi, Reiki & Harmonyum Healing

Bird Mejia is an intuitive healer and shaman who comes from a lost lineage of curanderas, intuitives and shaman from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She specializes on healing ancestral trauma that shows up as heartbreak, drama, addiction, depression, toxic or broken relationships, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, anger, grief and disease. Bird is a certified Naam Yoga instructor, a Harmonyum Healing and Gendai Reiki Ho practitioner. She is trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Oracle Card Reading and Chakra Energy Healing, as well as the Ancient Energy Medicine of her indigenous ancestors from Mexico. Bird is also a mother, a kitty momma, a poet, writer and plant-based cook. Bird has earned two Master’s degrees and combines her graduate work in psychotherapy with a variety of healing modalities to assist her clients in healing, ending cycles of generational pain and leading the lives they were born to live. She is the creator of the online course Heal Your Heart and Lightworkers University, created to teach and mentor others to heal themselves and heal the 7 generations before and after them.


Bird loves art, dance, yoga, running, hiking, theater, children, being a mother, desert summer nights, long walks in the woods, hiking to the tops of mountains and taking her shoes off to dance barefoot on ancient stone, trees of all kinds, large bodies of water (especially when it's windy), growing plants, delicious and healthy food, laughter, good conversation, waking up to the sound of rain, and her three favorite birds: loons, cardinals and hummingbirds.

You can find her on IG, FB & YouTube @Bird Mejia, her FB Group She Became Her Own Hero, and at

 Gabby Rising Bio:

Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Healer, Soul Writer, Doula.

Gabby Rising's  soul-searching journey began with a dark night of the soul that commenced about 6 years ago within an abusive, narcissistic relationship. She gained the strength to leave that relationship after the sudden loss of her mother to terminal cancer. Without the man who she had become so fiercely codependent with, and losing the woman who birthed her, loved her, and nurtured her my entire life—she was LOST. Grief has a way of causing us to ask fundamental questions, to re-examine our entire lives and our identities. She did just that.

She has reconnected with abilities that she thought were snuffed out long ago. Today, she is a Level 3 attuned Reiki practitioner, 200 Hour certified Vinyasa yoga teacher, tarot reader and divination enthusiast, a shamanic guide, and birth doula. Through healing my core wounds of abandonment and codependency, she is birthing a new self. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from the University of Houston and a Master Degree of Public Health in Epidemiology from Texas A&M University, and is currently working at her city’s health department.

Gabby's passions include healing Ethnic family dynamics, writing, supporting fellow Lightworkers, and motherhood. Her family means everything to her. In her free time, she loves to read, watch psychological thriller movies, eat, shop, practice yoga, travel, listen to music, and spend time in nature. There are a myriad of experiences within her medicine bag, and she is honored to share it all with Lightworkers Universe. Love and light to all.

You can find her on IG, FB, and YouTube @Gabby Rising