Awaken Your Soul


3 Month Journey Starts 2/22/2022! 

A 12-week journey to harness the Inner Wisdom of your Soul.

It’s time to Awaken to Your Power!

Join Lymariz and Tyrone as they guide you into your soul.


As the momentum of conscious awareness continues, more and more individuals will awaken.

This awakening is the evolution of our state of being.

We will shift to a new understanding and gain higher levels of perception for a more complete connection with higher self.

This is for YOU if:

 You are ready to deepen your self-awareness

✅ You want to develop an empowered meditation practice

✅ You want to stop overthinking

✅ You are ready to break patterns

✅ You are ready to take responsibility for your inner peace

✅ You want to stop letting stress and anxiety control your life

✅ You are tired of the past dictating your present

✅ You want to feel in control of your life

✅ You are ready to be the creator of your life


Discover your pillars of life and how to cause and create life transformation.


Understand past, future, and present moment awareness.


Implement new ways of being for empowerment.


Recognize limitations to live in possibility.



What You Will Get:

Weekly Live classes with Lymariz and Tyrone ( they will be recorded with lifetime access)

Weekly guided meditation and breathwork sessions (recorded with lifetime access)

Learn how to access inner wisdom through meditation

Learn to create presence in your daily life

Learn the difference between true self and ego mind

Understand your pillars of life

Learn how to recondition your mind

Dive into limitations and turn them into possibilities

Learn to create and embody the life you want


Weekly Live Master Training with Tyrone and Lymariz


Deep Teaching into WHO YOU BE and HOW YOU BE in your Life



Three 1:1 Coaching sessions with Lymariz


Three 1:1 Coaching sessions with Tyrone


Deep Dive into What is Standnig in your Way and Create the Steps to Move towards your Goals



Energy Healing Session with Lymariz


Heal Past Traumas and Move into the Version of WHO YOU WANT TO BE



Look Forward to Transformation of Limitations in:




Self Worth or Self Esteem


Mental Struggle

Negative Outlook


Sense of Lack


Move Into: 

Ease and Cooperation

Peace and Harmony

Acceptance and Allowance

Prosperity and Abundance

Enthusiasm and Excitement

3 Month Journey Starts 2/22/2022! 

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Tyrone Hawkins Bio:

Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Transformation Guide, Artist


I am 51 years, twice divorced with two daughters and a grandson.  My journey began just as everyone else… born into conditioning, ideas, ways of being, and beliefs of others, society, and the environment around me.

Many years passed before I reached a state of awareness that there was more to life than the day to day struggle of my dealing with, what I refer to as, drama.  My drama was the catalyst for my awakening.  I began passionately seeking information, knowledge to expand my understanding… my mind.

This seeking revealed teachers, mentors, guides, programs, workshops, and life experiences for access to a new perception.  Through this, came increased awareness and understanding which resulted in a new way of being… essentially, a reconditioning or transformation.

I have and claim no particular religion or belief system.  I refer to my beliefs, simply, as spirituality… with a foundational idea that we are all one and everything is energy.  This is my simplified expression and there are layers to this way of being.

Today, I hold space as a contributor, a mentor, a teacher… to self, to others… to the conscious collective and I am here to cause and contribute to you.  I am here to share with you… information, knowledge, experiences… energy.


Lymariz Ferrer Bio:

Certified Meditation Coach & Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Transformational Coach, Photographer, Artist, and Writer


Lymariz Piazza is certified in Meditation Coaching and teaching and Yoga. She guides people into transforming trauma into heart medicine. She is passionate about healing women’s sexual trauma and mental health.She loves to tap into body wisdom to facilitate the healing process. Lymariz believes that it is more than mindset to cause a transformation, it is a reprogramming of the whole body to achieve full integration of healing and creating your new life.

Her transformation began when her ideal life fell apart. It was at this moment that she realized she could save herself. Everything she had been searching for in others was right within herself. It was during this time that she began to meet her soul family, and her dreams became a reality. Sometimes at our lowest points we find the freedom we have been blind to. She is currently teaching humans to turn inward to find liberation from the conditioning of their lives. 

Lymariz loves art, music, poetry, dancing, nature, books, and her four sons. She loves new adventures and is always looking to expand into the highest version of herself.