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"Imagine a world where people can look at their birth chart and know why they're here, what challenges they came to overcome, what lessons they were sent to teach, and who they're here to help." 

- Angel Quintana


My mission as a Life Path Astrology Reader is to help create spiritual leaders of tomorrow by helping them to better understand what soul contracts they came here to close, what karmic debts they came to pay, and the challenges they came to overcome so that their souls can evolve and help raise the frequency of the planet!


This methodology is for those who are ready to understand why they are here and how important they are to the evolution of planet Gaia!

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“I have had my astrological chart read two other times in my life.  My experiences left me confused and wondering why I spent the money I did for those readings:(
Krishawn opened my eyes to a whole new world of astrology and the meaning behind the signs, houses etc. Krishawn is an amazing teacher and healer and explained everything very clearly! I feel excited and empowered and now have an amazing understanding of my chart and how to move forward in my life!!
Thank you sooooo much Krishawn”
- Indigo Sky (Michele Ziegler)
“The timing of the Life Path Reading Krishawn gave to me was impeccable. She made what some may deem as complicated so simple and she helped confirm and clarify things about me that I needed. Forever grateful!” 
- Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt
"Krishawn this Beautiful soul did an amazing life path Astrology reading and she was on fire and spot on, on my reading. She took her time explaining everything and as well did some channeling and connecting with her guides to get the information that she needed. She was very professional and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know more what their purpose is and mission on Earth. She is a Beautiful soul and I support her 100 percent. Thank you love for the reading much love Manny Rivera." 
- Manny Rivera

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