Heal Your Heart

Instructed by Bird Mejia

Self Study Course

Access the power of your heart to find the secret of True Love and Abundance! Learn the tools and techniques for Letting Go, Healing Emotions, Raising your vibration, Protecting Your Energy, and more! 


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Divine Vision 

Guided by Krishawn Divine

Are you unhappy with the current results in your life? Do you feel like something is holding you back from truly living a life of Fulfillment? Are you searching for a higher purpose? Do you feel you are meant for more, but struggle with taking the action to move forward?

This journey will give you the key to unlocking your Fullest Human Potential to Discovering, Creating, and Manifesting Your unique Life Path; YOUR DIVINE VISION. 

You will become a Powerful Manifestor, attracting and living the Life of your Dreams; the life you are MEANT to be Living!


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