The Lightworkers Guide

to 5D and the New Earth


2 Month Journey is Coming SOON!

A New Breed of Leaders Are being Born!

5D Leadership IS the Future!

With thousands of people waking up and seeking guidance, it's time for us Lightworkers to step up and serve the world!

There are SO MANY spiritual people who are ready to RISE!..

but something still holds them back from stepping fully into & identifying their unique Divine Design Leadership and 5D living.


Past Trauma (physical, mental, or emotional)
Confidence, courage, or credibility
Fear of Persecution
Imposter Syndrome
Feeling Invisible or Unheard

If any of the above descriptions sound like you AND you still want to be the change you wish to see in the world.. 


Please, JOIN this journey, giving you the roadmap to becoming an Advanced Lightworker and Divine Design Leader!


In this course, we will:

Illustrate what it takes to Be a Divine Design Leader for the New Earth

Expose the 3D limiting beliefs that are holding you back from 5D Consciousness and Divine Design Leadership

Guide you in discovering your Soul's Divine Design Purpose

Help you to Find Your Individual Vision for Creating the New Earth

This journey will transform you into a Divine Design Leader & Guide for the Ascension on Earth! It will empower you to embody what it means to be the Light of Source in the World! It will require you to:


Reprogram your Subconscious Mind


Get Brutally honest with Yourself


Do things you've never done before


And Completely Surrender


You will become a Beacon of Light as the Light of the Great Divine will shine through YOU giving others permission to do the same! Together, we will raise the vibration of the planet and Bring Heaven to Earth!

Course Includes:


Weekly Master Training with Krishawn!


Weekly Course Content/Lessons to help drive Advancing your 5D Consciousness & Divine Design Leadership


Exercises to expose your limiting beliefs and start reprogramming those beliefs


Methods to Reprogram Your Subconscious to Begin BEing your Highest Self!


Life Path Astrology Reading to help Identify your Life Path and Contribution to the world


Workshop to help you create your Unique Divine Design Vision in the New Earth YOU want to create


COMMUNITY to help you feel SUPPORTED


2 Month Journey is Coming 2023! 

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Krishawn Divine

New Earth Leader, Divine Vision Coach, Life Path Astrology ReaderGendai Reiki Ho Master, Spiritual and Medicinal Movement Guide, and Veteran


Krishawn has never resonated with specific titles. She's struggled with what to “call” herself for years now. Through her self-reflection, she's realized that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings and we do Multiple things! So we shouldn’t feel  pressure to limit ourselves to one title or modality. She's discovered the term “New Earth Leader” because she can do ANYTHING she is passionate about under this "title", to aid in creating the New World. She teaches, guides, and helps humans Create their Dream Life & Fulfill their Life Path, to aid in the ascension of The New Earth. This is her passion! She is a Divine Vision Coach, Life Path Astrologer, Gendai Reiki Ho Master, Medicinal & Spiritual Movement Guide, and Veteran. She graduated from West Point Military Academy in NY with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and majored in Systems Management. She wants to continue to utilize her knowledge, skills, and experience to invite fellow souls to experience greater joy, expansion, connection to Source, higher energy, and new possibilities in their lives.
Her awakening began during the lowest point of her life.Her entire world crumbled and she had no choice but to take back her independence. As her vibration began to rise from her awakening, the parts of her and people in her life that no longer matched, fell out. She had to restart her life from rock bottom and rebuild her foundation. She continued to grow, trusting the Universe, and applied her learnings to creating a better life for herself. She studied under Selene Bartolo, a certified consultant under Bob Proctor and certified coach under one of his #1 consultants, Kathleen Cameron. Her Life has completely changed since dedicating new daily practices in connecting with and putting her trust in The Divine Source, and reprogramming her own limiting beliefs. She has never felt so connected, so supported, and so empowered in her entire life! She wants to help and guide those who are ready to realize their true potential and break through barriers that hold them back, so they can fulfill their Life Path and live their fullest and most passionate desires!; a life in co-creation with The Universe and our Divine Creator.
She also loves listening to music, dancing, reading books, adventures in nature, hiking for the beautiful views, laughter, singing along to every song she knows the words to, nostalgic movies, the smell of a desert breeze, travel, shopping, and alone time.

You can find her on IG, FB, and  YouTube


Facebook: (1) Krishawn Divine Tillett | Facebook 

Instagram: Krishawn Divine (@divinelightandlove_15) • Instagram photos and videos

YouTube: (80) Krishawn Divine - Love Is My Religion - YouTube